Mariner and Seafarer Licensing and Certification Program

STCW '78, as Amended

Mariner and Seafarer Licensing and Certification Program

STCW '78, as Amended

The Commonwealth of Dominica Mariner and Seafarer Licensing and Certification program is a comprehensive solutions-based training, certification and maritime human resources support program that gives international seafarers the ability to come directly to the flag state Administration for their training and certification needs. This program gives “full and complete effect of the International Convention on Standards of Training and Certification for Watchkeepers and Seafarers, 1978, as amended (STCW).”  Dominica is recognized as a “White List” nation allowing mariners to receive their original “Certificates of Proficiency”  (COP) and “Certificates of Competency” (COC) through the STCW Code.

Mariners and Seafarers may receive their original certificates and endorsements directly from this administration or may have their original COP’s and or COC’s issued from another administration “Endorsed” by the Commonwealth of Dominica Office of Marine Personnel. Mariners and Seafarers wishing to transfer their original COP’s and/or COC’s to Dominica originals may do so by simply taking a written examination once their original COP or COC is validated by the originating administration.

Obtaining an Original "Certificate of Proficiency" or "Certificate of Competency" Endorsement through the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration Office of Marine Personnel

Mariners or Seafarers seeking original Certificates of Proficiency or Certificates of Competence from the Commonwealth of Dominica can do so by completing required sea-service, training, and approved “In-Service Training.”  The Dominica approved “In-Service Training” modules accompanied by a comprehensive training record book (TRB), and a written examination are some of the best options for mariners and seafarers when using our online training programs through the Northeast Maritime Institute – College of Maritime Science portal or NEMO°.  NEMO° was created to provide the worlds most comprehensive online maritime education and training learning management system to date with relevant theoretical education, online simulation for practical knowledge and performance assessments and its patent pending online examination monitoring system approved by both the Commonwealth of Dominica and the United States Coast Guard’s National Maritime Center.

For more information, please see CDP-300E Certification by Examination Standards.

Northeast Maritime Institute (“NMI”) is a maritime training provider offering maritime education and training programs approved by the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration. NMI works to ensure that students complete the training necessary to receive their Commonwealth of Dominica Certificate of Competence in order to work in communities world-wide and to develop awareness for safe and effective shipping.

NMI, headquartered in the United States, provides STCW courses that are globally recognized and is currently approved by the United States Coast Guard, Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration, Bermuda and the Republic of Marshall Islands.

Visit our Career Tracks to review the minimum requirements for the license(s) you are interested in and to see if you have the required sea time.

If interested in enrollment, please submit an application for a formal review along with the evaluation fee and the required documents (listed below) HERE.

For more information about Northeast Maritime Institute and its worldwide network of training institutions, please visit:

Obtaining an Original Dominica License through Examination with an Acceptable Foreign STCW Certificate for Endorsement

Applicants who hold an acceptable foreign STCW certificate and desire an original Dominica certificate must adhere to the Mariner and Seafarer Testing (MAST) examination system administered by the Dominica Maritime Administration. The multiple-choice examinations incorporate material specified by the STCW Convention, as amended. Certificates issued by examination are valid for a term of five (5) years. For more information, please see CDP-300E Certification by Examination Standards.

The first step in applying for Dominica’s licensing by examination is a determination of eligibility by the Administration’s Mariner Licensing and Certification Department. This process begins by completing and submitting application CDMP-5000L Application for Licensing by Examination along with payment, which can be made on the Administration’s Online Payment Portal. Applications will only be evaluated once the Administration has received payment. For more information on seeking an original Commonwealth of Dominica Certificate of Competency by examination please visit our MAST page.

If you do not hold an acceptable foreign STCW certificate please refer to our original Dominica license by maritime training option.

Dominica Endorsement of an Original Foreign STCW Certificate of Proficiency (COP) or Certificate of Competency (COC)

Mariners who hold an acceptable foreign certificate of competency from the authority of a nation who is recognized by the Commonwealth of Dominica in accordance with regulation I/10 and desire a Dominica endorsement to work on board Dominica flagged vessels must fill out an application and submit with the required documents (listed below) HERE.

To obtain a certificate receipt of application (CRA) which allows the applicant to work on board a vessel for 90 days while the application is processing, submit required copies HERE. Once verification has been received we will issue the certificate of endorsement and/or seafarer ID book.

*Please remember that all mariners working on board a Dominica flagged vessel must be endorsed!

**If you are unsure of what license you qualify for, you may submit the required documents for evaluation HERE.

Commonwealth of Dominica License Renewal

For mariners and seafarers seeking to upgrade or renew their current original Commonwealth of Dominica license, please refer to our Career Tracks page as a guideline for general, application, and training requirements.

For mariners seeking to renew their original Commonwealth of Dominica license please complete an Original Officer application and submit with the required documents listed below.

Application Submission Guidelines/Requirements:
To apply for any of the previous options please complete one of the following applications with the evaluation fee (if applicable) and submit them with the required documents.

Required Documents:

  • Copies of your passport
  • Copies of your sea time
  • Copies of your foreign certificate of competency
  • Copies of your training certificates
  • Passport size photo

If applying for an original Dominica license by maritime training or for our MAST licensing by examination please submit the evaluation fee onto our MAST Payment Portal.

Applicants may upload applications and documents on our MAST page or may send them to:

Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration
32 Washington Street,
Fairhaven, MA 02719