Commonwealth of Dominica

Mariner Career Guides

Mariner Career Guides

What are Career Guides?

The Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration wants to help mariners and seafarers through the next phase of their careers. Below you will find a listing of career guides which provide the required steps to become a successful professional mariner. After all phases of the career guide are complete, students will receive a Certificate of Competence and Certificate of Endorsement and/or Seafarer ID Book indicating their capacity. Credentials are issued by the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration.

Deck Rating

Deck Officers

Engine Rating

Engine Officers

For Additional Information

For more information on mariner licensing please contact:

Director of Mariner Certification at Dominica Maritime Administration
Office of Maritime Affairs
32 Washington Street, Fairhaven, MA 02719 USA
Tel: 508-992-7170 Ext. 309
Fax: 508-992-7120

Northeast Maritime Institute – College of Maritime Science is the primary training provider for the Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Registry. Northeast Maritime Institute has created a large suite of online training courses to meet the demands of STCW through its comprehensive online maritime learning management system – Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO). Through NEMO, Northeast Maritime Institute works to ensure that students complete the required training to receive the necessary documents to work in maritime communities world-wide, and to develop awareness for safer and more effective shipping. All training and certification meets the demands of STCW and is approved by both the United States Coast Guard National Maritime Center and the Commonwealth of Dominica Office of Marine Personnel. After consulting with the licensing and certification department, you will be connected with the approved training provider at Northeast Maritime Institute or one of its affiliate schools internationally.

To learn more about Northeast Maritime Institute, visit: and