Commonwealth of Dominica

Foreign Maritime Entities (FMEs)

Foreign Maritime Entities (FMEs)

Forming a Dominica FME

To form a Dominica Foreign Maritime Entity, download the application form below:

The completed form can returned HERE. A representative will then contact you for further information and assistance. If you are looking to Amend your FME Registration, click HERE.

About Dominica's FMEs

A business entity incorporated in a state other than the Commonwealth of Dominica wanting to maintain its corporate formation in another domicile may do so by registering as a Foreign Maritime Entity in order to be eligible to own a Dominica flagged vessel.

The necessary information to be provided to office in order to proceed with the registration as a Commonwealth of Dominica FME is as follows:

  • Certified copy of the Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Charter or other formation document of the entity.
  • Evidence of the foreign entity’s current existence under the laws of the state of its formation and its good standing with that jurisdiction.