Commonwealth of Dominica

Anti-Piracy Assistance

Anti-Piracy Assistance

Dominica Anti-Piracy

We have balanced the requirements for compliance and international treaties with a high performance and asset protection protocol that will ensure your vessels are safe. Ship owners and crew of any merchant vessel traveling under the flag of the Commonwealth of Dominica must feel safe.

The Commonwealth of Dominica opposes any kind of restraint, depredation or seizure of its vessels. Any aggression considered an act of piracy against any Dominica flagged vessel shall be dealt with swiftly and assertively. To counter the growing incidents of piracy off the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Sea, the Administration has developed a multi-tiered assistance package to meet the needs of vessels traversing High Risk Waters.

Package Includes:

  • Support in development of vessel-specific risk assessments and security plans
  • Online access to the latest piracy assessments throughout the world
  • Convoy coordination assistance
  • Port State entry coordination
  • Optional placement of DMRI-trained security personnel with a pre-approved firearms package
  • Direct security assistance through international military forces operating in the region

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