Commonwealth of Dominica

About the Dominica Maritime Administration

About the Dominica Maritime Administration

Our Goals and Commitments

The Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration’s open international ship registry has a reputation of being a serious International Ship Registry that has decided that the registry will be an exclusive “club.”  As one of the fastest growing and most efficiently managed ship registries today, we are not open to owners who do not take compliance seriously.

Our goal is to be the flag of choice for diligent ship owners & operators, giving them the ability to operate their assets in a viable, open, international, ship registry system.  We believe that our technical staff delivers on all fronts and we are active on not simply registering the vessels, but we are actively involved with out owners and operators to find solutions to ensure that their vessels operate safely, efficiently and cost-effectively around the globe. 

The Administration-provided tools for compliance ensure a sustainable and efficient system that owners may take advantage of to improve their financial viability. Since 1998, the Dominica Maritime Administration has demonstrated its commitment to operating with honesty and integrity! Unlike most “flags of convenience,” the Dominica Flag has a strong commitment to serving the seafaring community as a whole through training, licensing and certification that is world class.  We believe that mariners and seafarers are the real assets of our industry and will always stand tall in support of the “human element.”

Benefits of Registering with the Commonwealth of Dominica

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Dedicated Staff Providing Prompt and Efficient Customer Service
  • Extensive Global Technical Support Network
  • Proactive IMO Participation
  • Statutory Surveys and Certification Program
  • Dedicated Effort to Continually Improve MOU Performance
  • STCW “White List” Mariner Training, Licensing and Certification Program for Issuance of Original COC
  • Multiple Incentive Programs Including Tonnage Fee Cap
  • Foreign Maritime Entity Waiver Program: maintain existing IBC in former domicile
  • Flag State Inspection Program to Enhance Port State Compliance and Response Support
  • Acceptance by Major Banks, Charterers, and Insurance Agencies
  • Anti-Piracy: Real Solutions Using Dominica Administration Approved Security Personnel
  • 24 Hour Emergency Support
  • A Team that actually knows the Shipping Industry
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