DMA Publishes Report on Investigation into M/T GULF SKY Disappearance

Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration

Office of Maritime Affairs and Marine Personnel


The Investigation into the matter of the alleged hijacking of the M/T GULF SKY (IMO No. 9390927) from the Khor Fakkan Anchorage, United Arab Emirates on 05 July 2020 resulted in a year-long investigation that sought to discover the facts and events surrounding the illicit removal of the M/T GULF SKY while under arrest.  The report, published by the Administration on 19 July 2021, reveals a cloud of conspiracy in which facts were very difficult to unearth and verify. 

While the Administration was able to make certain determinations and provide recommendations for future cases, it is unable to determine as to how the vessel disappeared from Khor Fakkan and who the perpetrators and co-conspirators were and believes that a greater multi-national criminal investigation  is required.  The Administration can confirm that the vessel was brought to Bandar Abbas, Iran and illegally reflagged under the Flag of Iran.  As stated in the report, the Administration is of the belief that the incident was facilitated by multiple relevant parties and involved a multinational scheme to bypass sanctions of the Iranian regime by the United States Treasury Department.  The Administration is not able to comment further as to the particulars of the case than what has already been provided in the Report.

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The entire report has been released publicly and can be found here: LINK