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The Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration’s open international ship registry is one of the fastest growing and most efficiently managed ship registries today. Our goal is to be the flag of choice for diligent ship owners & operators, giving them the ability to operate their assets in a viable, open, international, ship registry system.


The Administration-provided tools for compliance ensure a sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient system that owners may take advantage of to improve their financial viability.


Our Administration prides itself on honesty, integrity, and our commitment to serving the seafaring community as a whole.

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“The Dominica Maritime Administration Office of Maritime Affairs and Marine Personnel will, shall, and always put seafarer rights first and foremost as the number one tenet of facilitating commerce...This Administration’s Office of Maritime Affairs and Marine Personnel is proud and pleased to be working with Human Rights at Sea to bring urgent attention to our global partners and allies to help us resolve this case and any other case that puts the lives and welfare of mariners and seafarers at risk.” - Eric R. Dawicki, President and CEO

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