Marine Safety Circulars

All Commonwealth of Dominica International Marine Safety Circulars have the precursor CD-MSC, and contain a sequential number to identify the sequence and year of issue. (Example: CD-MSC 2-01 would represent the second circular issued in the year 2001).


Below are the links to our circulars:


CD-MSC 02-20 Guidance to Assist with Impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on Ship Operations (Rev. 1)


CD-MSC 01-20 Advisory on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Rev. 1)


CD-MSC 04-19 Type Approvals and Satisfaction of the Administration Criteria (Rev. 1)


CD-MSC 03-19 Certificates Issued for Non-Nationals (Rev. 2)


CD-MSC 02-19 Enforcement Action, Penalties and Fees (Rev. 1)


CD-MSC 01-19 Administrative Fee Applicable to Non-IACS Recognized Class Societies (Rev. 1)


CD-MSC 02-17 Rev01 Decoupling of the IOPP certificate in relation to the Ballast Water Management Convention Amendments


CD-MSC 04-17 Rev01 Guidance Concerning Radio Accounting Authority Approval


CD-MSC 03-17 Rev02 Guidance on Issuance of International Ballast Water Management Statement of Compliance


CD-MSC 01-17 Rev01 Liability Insurance for Seafarer Abandonment, Death, and Long Term Disability


CD-MSC 01-16 Rev01 Guidance for Approval of Regional Licensing Examination Centers


CD-MSC 04-15 Issuance of Receipt of Application (Rev. 2)


CD-MSC 03-15 Assessments of Candidates For Original Engineering Officer Certification


CD-MSC 02-15 Concentrated Inspection Campaign - Crew Familiarization for Enclosed Space Entry


CD-MSC 01-15 Vessel General Permit (VGP)


CD-MSC 06-14 Known Instances of False Representation and Fraudulent Certificates


CD-MSC 05-14 Clarification on Commonwealth of Dominica Minimum Safe Manning Certificates


CD-MSC 04-14 The Use of Voyage Data Recorders and Simplified Voyage Data Recorders for Assisting a Marine Safety Investigation


CD-MSC 02-14 Emergency Training and Drills


CD-MSC 01-14 Guidelines for the Development of Plans and Procedures for the Recovery of Persons from the Water


CD-MSC 17-13 List of Special Areas Under MARPOL and Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas


CD-MSC 14-13 Implementation of MARPOL Annex VI, Regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships


CD-MSC 13-13 Availability of Search and Rescue (SAR) Services


CD-MSC 12-13 International Sanctions Relating to the Syrian Arab Republic


CD-MSC 11-13 Concentrated Inspection Campaign - Tokyo & Paris MOU (Rev. 2)


CD-MSC 10-13 International Sanctions Against the Islamic Republic of Iran


CD-MSC 09-13 New Edition of the IAMSAR Manual Volume III


CD-MSC 03-14 Guidance Regarding Placement of Supernumeraries on Board Dominica Vessels


CD-MSC 08-13 Application for Authorization as a Recognized Organization


CD-MSC 07-13 New Inspection Regime - TOKYO MOU


CD-MSC 06-13 Carriage of Electronic Media in Lieu of Hard Copies of IMO Publications


CD-MSC 05-13 Maritime Labour Convention Compliance


CD-MSC 04-13 Shipboard Occupational Health and Safety Programmes


CD-MSC 03-13 Guidance on Medical Exams and Certification (Rev. 3)


CD-MSC 02-13 Approved Maritime Training Institutions (Rev. 07)


CD-MSC 01-13 MARPOL Annex V Garbage Discharge Requirements and Record Keeping




CD-MSC 09-12 Lifeboat On-Load Release Mechanisms and Use of Fall Preventer Devices


CD-MSC 08-12 Self Inspection Program for PARIS MOU


CD-MSC 07-12 Automatic Identification System (AIS) Annual Testing Requirements


CD-MSC 06-12 Hong Kong Convention - Ship Recycling Requirements


CD-MSC 05-12 Mandatory Lookouts and Watchkeeping


CD-MSC 04-12 Flag State Inspection Sticker and Certificate (Rev. 2)


CD-MSC 03-12 Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System Implementation


CD-MSC 02-12 Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Implementation


CD-MSC 01-12 Mariner Documentation


CD-MSC 02-10 New Inspection Regime in Paris MOU on Port State Control


CD-MSC 01-10 Port State Control Concentrated Inspection Campaigns 2010


CD-MSC 01-09 Port State Control Concentrated Inspection Campaigns in 2009


CD-MSC 09-08 Amendment to the Continuous Synopsis Record Format


CD-MSC 08-08 Certification Requirements in Respect to the International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001


CD-MSC 07-08 Appointment of Authorized Testing Application Service Providers


CD-MSC 06-08 LRIT Implementation (Rev. 5)


CD-MSC 04-08 Flag State Inspection Program (Rev. 6)


CD-MSC 03-08 Implementation of SOLAS Amendments as of 1 January 2008


CD-MSC 02-08 Training of Company Security Officers (CSO)


CD-MSC 01-08 Implementation of IMO Unique Company and Registered Owner Identification Number Scheme


CD-MSC 06-06 Anti-Fouling Systems


CD-MSC 05-06 Port State Control Concentrated Inspection Campaigns


CD-MSC 04-06 Recommendations on Fair Treatment of Seafarers in the Event of a Maritime Accident (Rev. 1)


CD-MSC 03-06 Equivalent Arrangements Concerning Number and Capacity of Lifeboats and Liferafts


CD-MSC 02-06 Periodic Servicing and Maintenance of Lifeboats, Launching Appliances and On-Load Release Gear


CD-MSC 01-06 Ship Security Alert System Guidelines


CD-MSC 07-05 Condition Assessment Scheme


CD-MSC 06-05 Regional Representation and Assistance to Dominica Flag Vessels


CD-MSC 05-05 Medical Care on Board Ship and Ashore


CD-MSC 04-05 Code of Safety for Diving Systems


CD-MSC 03-05 Early Implementation of Amendment to SOLAS Regulation III-


CD-MSC 02-05 Registration Renewal Procedure


CD-MSC 01-05 Procedures for Approval of Amendments to Ship Security Plans


CD-MSC 15-04 ISM Code Implementation and Flag State Inspections Relating to PSC Detentions


CD-MSC 13-04 Crew Changes Reporting


CD-MSC 12-04 Crew List Requirements


CD-MSC 11-04 Combined Procedures for Ship Security Plan Approval and ISPS Code Verification and Certification


CD-MSC 10-04 Registry of Vessels of Twenty (20) Years of Age and Older Under Dominica Flag


CD-MSC 09-04 IMO Additional Guidance Relating to the Implementation of Security Requirements


CD-MSC 08-04 ISPS Code Interim Certification


CD-MSC 06-04 Guidance for Establishing Security Measures When Calling at Non-Compliant Port Facilities


CD-MSC 07-04 Transit Booking Information on the Panama Canal Internet Page


CD-MSC 04-04 Guidance for developing Ship Security Plans


CD-MSC 03-04 Passenger Vessels Environmental Inspection Checklist by United States Coast Guard


CD-MSC 02-04 Shipboard Pollution Emergency Plans for Noxious Liquid Substances Including Comp. Determinations for U.S. Bound Vessels


CD-MSC 01-04 Continuous Synopsis Record


CD-MSC 25-03 ISPS Code Implementation


CD-MSC 24-03 Maritime Security Training for Company Security Officers and Ship Security Officers


CD-MSC 22-03 Inspections of the Outside of Cargo Ship Bottoms


CD-MSC 21-03 Official Log Book Circular


CD-MSC 21-03A Official Log Book Sample (Rev. 3)


CD-MSC 20-03 Ship's Identification Number


CD-MSC 19-03 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)


CD-MSC 18-03 Automatic Identification System (AIS) Carriage Requirements (Rev. 5)


CD-MSC 17-03 Diesel Engine Fuel Oil Arrangements - Double Jacketed Piping System


CD-MSC 16-03 Pilot Transfer Arrangements


CD-MSC 15-03 Approved Global Positioning Satellite System Equipment


CD-MSC 14-03 Guidelines for Voyage Planning


CD-MSC 13-03 Notification and Reporting of Marine Casualties, Marine Incidents, Occurences and Offenses


CD-MSC 12-03 Performance Standards for Ship Security Alert System


CD-MSC 11-03 Report of Ship's Officers and Repatriation (Liability Insurance) Coverage


CD-MSC 10-03 Inadequate Port Reception Facility Report


CD-MSC 09-03 Fire Extinguishing Arrangements for Paint Lockers


CD-MSC 08-03 Instructions for the Keeping of Oil Record Book


CD-MSC 07-03 GMDSS Radio Log Book Guidance


CD-MSC 07-03A Sample GMDSS Radio Log Book


CD-MSC 05-03A  Crew Articles of Agreement Sample


CD-MSC 05-03 Crew Articles of Agreement Approvals


CD-MSC 01-03 Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBDs)


CD-MSC 52-01 IOPP Certificates


CD-MSC 51-01 ISM for Modular Offshore Drilling Units


CD-MSC 49-01 Protection of the Great Barrier Reef Region


CD-MSC 45-01 Port State Control


CD-MSC 44-01 Periodically Unattended Machinery Spaces


CD-MSC 43-01 MARPOL - Protection of the Marine Environment


CD-MSC 42-01 Authorization for the Carriage of Grain


CD-MSC 41-01 Procedures for Assigning Multiple Loadlines


CD-MSC 40-01 Life-Saving Appliances (Rev. 2)


CD-MSC 39-01 Reporting Certificate Fraud and Professional and Technical Incompetence


CD-MSC 38-01 Safety Precautions for Entering Enclosed Spaces


CD-MSC 37-01 Prohibition of Hot Work in Tankers and Combination Carriers


CD-MSC 36-01 Safety of Navigation - Charts, Publications, and Notices to Mariners


CD-MSC 35-01 Passenger Vessels - Underwater Examination of Hull in Lieu of Dry-Dock


CD-MSC 34-01 International Conventions, Protocols, and Amendments to Which Dominica Is Party


CD-MSC 33-01 Maintenance and Inspection of Fire Protection Systems and Appliances


CD-MSC 32-01 Harmonized System of Surveys and Certification


CD-MSC 31-01 GMDSS Radio Logbook Requirement


CD-MSC 30-01 INMARSAT-C False Distress Alerts


CD-MSC 29-01 Identification Numbers for 406 MHz Satellite EPIRBs


CD-MSC 28-01 Retention of Radio Logbooks


CD-MSC 27-01 Ship Radio Station Watchkeeping Hours


CD-MSC 26-01 Radio Message Accounting Procedures and Radio Accounting Authorities


CD-MSC 25-01 Renewal of Ship Radio Station Licenses


CD-MSC 24-01 Required Documents for Ship Radio Stations


CD-MSC 23-01 Ballast Water Management Plans


CD-MSC 22-01 Use of Halogenated Hydrocarbons and Other Ozone Depleting Substances


CD-MSC 21-01 Cleansing Agent Impact on Oil Pollution Prevention Equipment


CD-MSC 20-01 Guidance on In-Service Training Using Administration Accepted Training Record Books


CD-MSC 19-01 Cooperation With Hydrographic Services


CD-MSC 18-01 Issuance and Use of Statutory Certificates


CD-MSC 17-01 Stability and Trim Information to be Supplied to the Master


CD-MSC 16-01 Shipowner, Operator, Representative


CD-MSC 15-01 Manning of Vessels and Principles of Watchkeeping


CD-MSC 14-01 Approval of Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (SOPEP)


CD-MSC 13-01 Failure of Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Systems (ODMCS)


CD-MSC 10-01 Amendments to SOLAS - 2001 Consolidated Edition


CD-MSC 08-01 International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code


CD-MSC 07-01 Reporting Incidents of Piracy and Armed Attacks


CD-MSC 05-01 Examination System for Merchant Marine Personnel


CD-MSC 03-01 Familiarization With Dominica Maritime Legislation and Requirements


CD-MSC 02-01 Certification, Training and Rest Periods


CD-MSC 01-01 Publications, Forms, Certificates, Documents and Marine Safety Circulars Notices - Numbering System


CD-MSC 03-20 Rev01 Inventory of Hazardous Materials

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